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Mr. Akhil Thakkar


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About CFSA (Center For Self Actualization) 


CFSA is the highest-rated career counselling platform in India. We are present in more than Locations in India through our network of highly trained career counselors. Since 2015, our comprehensive 5-dimensional career assessment is considered as Industry benchmark. We have helped thousands of students to make informed career decisions and contributed to their career growth.

CFSA Center has been established in Largest career counselling and guidance platform in India with the intent to provide solutions to All kind of career confusions among students and professionals. Our comprehensive approach towards understanding the inner self of our clients with empathy, complete analysis and full-fledged solution, makes them a league apart.

Our Assistance is invaluable for those who like to make informed career decisions and avoid career disasters later in their life. We are established with an aim for Guiding the Youth for a better and a Sustainable Future. In this Era of Multiple Career Options, it becomes quite difficult for a student to choose a specific field to work on. We Support and Guide them with Intensive Counselling Sessions which results into the Sweetest Fruit which will help them throughout the life and a knowledge about their Inner Self, Capabilities and their Uniqueness which will directly help them to select the best Career for them.


What is career counselling?

Most of the students are confused for their career and professionals are stressed up.  Unlike past, today a lot of career opportunities are available in India.  More than 3000+ career options are available only in India to choose from.  To know about all these career options and to pick the best one is really difficult. We need a professional career counselling.

Career counselling is a systematic process where career counselor helps student and working professionals to make informed career decisions.  

Career counselling cannot be biased towards parents or towards students. Neither career counselor can pick their own preferences.  Career counselling is the completely unbiased process. It is purely based on student’s personality, Career interest, career motivators and his aptitude.

Career counselling in India is very popular now and more and more students are opting for it. 

Why is career counselling important?

Career counselling provides better understand and clarity about the career.  It saves a lot of time, money, frustration because of career indecisiveness. A career counsellor not only helps the student to find out the most suitable career option but also provide a detailed execution plan.

Informed career decisions- Career counselling helps to make informed career decisions.

Clear Education and Career Road Map -  Students will get a clear educational and career road map. Early-stage career counselling always gives more time for execution.

Job Satisfaction - Thing about to pursue a career that you love to. Career counsellor explores your interest areas, personality and abilities and based on that fins out most suitable career option for you.

Career Opportunities -  Today a lot of career opportunities and new aged career options are available. Most of the students and professionals are not aware of these career opportunities, latest trends, salary packages and much more crucial information that plays an important role to select a career option.  Trained career counsellors always update themselves for all such crucial information and systematically guide students to make the right career decision.  A career in data science, a career in artificial intelligence, a career in digital marketing and many newer aged career options.

About Counselor

Mr. Akhil Thakkar

Life Coach

Career Coach
NLP Practitioner 

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Reviews & Testimonials

"Thank You very much, I really appreciate the time you spent with me, I feel very excited and confident about my choice" - Neeta Shah

"Excellent.!!!Psychometric Assessment is really very helpful for each person who is want the best Career in the life." - Milan Gupta

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